Jacob Black - Twilight New Moon
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Plain soy yogurt mixed with mashed raspberries and topped with pumpkin seeds, blackberries, and more raspberries. Walnut halves, a sprouted grain English muffin with avocado, and more blackberries.
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Omg dude..

Can we all just appreciate the one dude who doesn’t feel the need to change his posture at all?
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Por Scott, que descanse en paz, te vamos a extrañar, gracias por dar todo de vos y por salvar a Nora, por ser tan bueno y valiente.
brenchas-narvaez un-efecto-colateral efectocolateral11 y yo obviamente!!
R.I.P Scott (Hush Hush)
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Sin título #417 by brencha-narvaez featuring a bucket bagMid calf skirt, $79 / Charlotte Russe bucket bag / Sweetheart Girl
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Daughter of smoke and bone <3
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Currently reading; Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor
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Books meme: Twenty female characters
[9/20] → Karou (Daughter of Smoke and Bone)
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